September 7, 2016

About Us


In Summer 2016, our team was awarded a STEAM project grant through Fuller Seminary made possible by the John Templeton Foundation. The grant will allow us to create events geared toward emerging adults that showcase the inherent compatibility between science and faith. It is our hope that these discussions will inspire dialogue, engagement, and participation in communities of faith.


steam_logo_1200We are currently planning 4 large-scale public discussions over the course of 2 years beginning in November 2016. All of this is made possible by a generous grant from The STEAM Project: Science and Theology for Emerging Adult Ministries. We’re grateful to the John Templeton Foundation for their support.


Our Team Includes:


Dr Ron Wright: Project Manager

Dr Wright is a professor of psychology at Southern Nazarene University. His love of the integration of psychology and theology is only overshadowed by his love of the Pittsburgh Pirates. As our fearless leader, Ron applied for the original grant funding from Fuller.




Rev Brit Bolerjack: Project Administrator

Rev Bolerjack is the College and Community Co-Pastor with her husband, Aaron at OKC First Church of the Nazarene. She lives in a tiny house on wheels and has 3 adorable chickens in the backyard.



Rev Jon Middendorf: Host Pastor

Rev Middendorf is a pastor and learner at OKC First Church of the Nazarene. Under his leadership, the church has held discussions on several thought-provoking topics including: racial reconciliation, politics, education, and hospitality to the LGBT community.




Dr Mark Winslow: Scientific Consultant

Dr Winslow is the Dean of the College of Natural, Social, and Health Sciences at Southern Nazarene University where he also teaches physics courses.


Dr Scotscottt Drabenstot: Research Analyst

Dr Drabenstot is the assistant professor of psychology and director of research at the Southern Nazarene University department of psychology and counseling. He’s passionate about measuring the outcomes of The 2 Windows Project.



Rev Aaron Bolerjack: Communications Director12208404_10153296486158721_4184346052167243667_n

Rev Bolerjack is co-pastor for College & Community at OKC First Church of the Nazarene and an adjunct professor of History at Southern Nazarene University.